Welcome APB License Renewal System

Open Renewal begins May 1 - June 30 annually

All Renewal submitted on July 1st, or after, are late and will be assessed a $100 fee; no exceptions. Please verify and update all information for accuracy. Print a copy for your records prior to submission. After your submission is processed and validated, a license card will be mailed to the Board correspondence address on file within approx (10) business days.

Voluntary Inactive Status

If changing status to Voluntary Inactive Licensee, you must submit the following renewal forms, with payment, directly to the board office for processing. Voluntary Inactive License Renewal or Retired Notification Form

Supervising and Supervised Psychologist/ Applicants

Supervising Psychologist who provided general supervision to a licensee/ applicant between July 1-June 30 are required to provide names and license numbers of each licensee/ applicant supervised. Neuropsychology Technicians are not required. Forward the completed registration form to the Board office, Staff will update and maintain records.
License Renewal Supervision Report Form

(*) Anyone who received supervision from a board approved Supervising Psychologist between July 1- June 30, provide the name and License # of each Supervising Psychologist.

Please Review:

* Incomplete submissions will NOT be processed. * (20) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are required between July 1 - June 30 each calendar year. * The Board is mandated by law to obtain a PUBLIC address from its licensees. Your renewal will NOT be processed without this information. * Public address required: If a Board Correspondence address is not provided, the Board will use the Public address for Board Correspondence.

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